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New Feature: Embedding

Today, we’re excited to announce one of our biggest features yet: the ability to embed and share your videos, with annotations, outside of Acclaim. To be clear, this does not change any security or privacy settings within your account. Instead, it provides you... read more

User Accessibility and ADA Compliance

Web and user accessibility mean that individuals with disabilities can use web programs or applications and have the ability to navigate, perceive, understand, and interact with the content. In order to support this, web technology providers need to build features... read more

New Feature: Copy Courses

Today, we’re announcing a new feature that enables you to copy courses with just a couple of clicks. This makes transitions between semesters much easier and faster. In addition to folder set up, you can decide if your files copy over as well. To take advantage... read more

Free Video Tools For Educators And Students

In this post, we will highlight free web tools that can be used for video creation and editing. For a few great ideas on how to use video in the classroom, see our post: “Five Way to Use Videos in the Class” As a tech company focused on video use in the classroom, we... read more

10 Free Sources Of Educational Videos

In this post, you will learn about ten, free sources of web videos that you can use in a variety of ways for your class(es). Over 40 billion online videos are watched every month in the US. Moreover, more than half of web traffic is now online video. Online video... read more

5 Ways To Use Video For Class

In this post, you will learn about five ways to use video as part of your class activities and assignments. With the advent of smartphones and tablets, it is easier than ever to create and consume media, specifically video, as part of class activities and assignments.... read more

Explaining Ed Tech Integrations and SSO

What is SSO and what does it stand for? Why should we care about tech integrations? In this post, we will define terminology and dive a bit deeper into why you may want to look at integrating different products.   SSO SSO, which stands for “Single Sign on”,... read more

Acclaim and HIPAA

HIPAA, or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, was enacted in 1996 and partly designed to protect the confidentiality and security of patients’ healthcare information. The advent and rapid evolution of web technologies presented new challenges,... read more

3 Innovative Ideas for Video Assignments

In this post, you will learn about three video related assignments that you can quickly and easily implement in your class and use for a variety of topics/subjects. Millions of students use apps like Vine, Snapchat, and YouNow to create and view messages with friends,... read more

New Feature: Copy Files

Uploading, downloading, and moving files around on the web can take a long time. Our product team is always looking at new ways to either reduce clicks or make traditionally long processes more efficient. Today, we’re announcing a new feature that enables you to... read more

Recording video should be easy

Recording video is challenging because there is a number of elements at play. First and foremost, you’ll need to decide which device to use to record. Secondly, you’ll want to make sure placement of your device while you’re recording will satisfy both your visual and... read more

How to make uploads faster

Uploading videos to the web, whether onto your learning management system or course website, can be quite frustrating. You may face upload limits, long upload times, and downright upload failures. It’s important to keep in mind that most upload challenges are tied to... read more

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