In this post, you will learn about three video related assignments that you can quickly and easily implement in your class and use for a variety of topics/subjects.

Millions of students use apps like Vine, Snapchat, and YouNow to create and view messages with friends, family, and the world. As educators, how can we leverage these platforms and student behaviors to drive up engagement in the classroom and tap into each individual’s creativity?

Below are three simple yet powerful ideas for using video in class assignments. Each method can be used across many subjects and be tweaked to fit a lesson plan or syllabus.


The Video Research Assignment

Ask students to search for and find web videos that exemplify terms discussed in class or topics covered in the syllabus. These videos can be clips from a TV show, TED Talks, political speeches, etc. Asking students to reflect on and write about these videos and why they picked them can prove to be quite impactful.

In addition to reinforcing class concepts, students will come across a variety of interesting sources and will get a better grasp of how to search for meaningful content online. Ideally, they will draw parallels between the content they find on the web and what’s being covered in class.

For example, this video, “Paradox of Choice”, may trigger some fascinating discussions in an economics course.


The Video Essay/Presentation Assignment

Apps like Instagram and Vine have turned everyone into “professional” photographers and videographers. Simply turn your smart device on, snap a picture, start recording, and voila!

Students are more comfortable and more capable than ever to produce this type of content. Do you assign papers or PowerPoint presentations in your class? Give the “video version” of it a try. A five 5 page paper can certainly become a 2 minute video assignment. Creating the video may mean taking pictures, recording oneself or peers, grabbing clips from the web, and putting it all together in a coherent fashion to get a point across.

The main benefits of this type of assignment is that students will tap into their creative wells to produce interesting, engaging content, they will learn how to use apps and software tools put at their disposal, and use a medium that is present across every industry to present their own, original thoughts.


The Spoken Essay Assignment

Similar to the video essay above, the spoken essay is a student recording himself or herself discussing a topic and sharing his or her opinion via a video. That video can then be submitted and handed in just like a word document or presentation slides.

The objective of this assignment, in addition to putting thoughts together in a coherent manner, is for students to improve speaking skills, to learn how to craft and write their “speech”, and finally use technology in the process. Video conferencing has become the norm across many industries, so this type of assignment can go a long way in helping students prepare for the “real world”.

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