Your Customized Video Platform

Easily record, upload, and organize videos for organizational media sharing and collaboration.
Use time-specific annotations for performance training and review, professional development, and much more.

Professional Development & Training

Acclaim is used to train for and develop leadership skills and interviewing skills as part of certification and ongoing education programs.

Leadership & Public Speaking

Record and review to improve presentation skills.


Interviewing Skills

Use Acclaim for role-playing activities to develop interviewing skills.


Continuing Education & Certification

Integrate Acclaim into your system and education programs.

Media Sharing & Collaboration

Acclaim is used by media and video production companies to organize video footage for review and collaboration purposes during post production. Communicate with team members and/or clients on media files to finish projects faster and more efficiently.

Organize daily clips in one place

Use project folders and customize permissions to move the project along swiftly.

Leave Those Long Email Chains Behind

Post time-specific comments for streamlined communication between team members.

Deliver final versions

Enable downloads to deliver final versions of your files.

Performance Review and Training

Whether you’re an athlete, dancer, musician, actor, or other performer, use Acclaim to record and review your performances.

Game & Practice Footage Review

Create your own, private ‘tape sessions’ by uploading and reviewing game or practice videos.

Acting Practice & Training

Organize and evaluate videos of your performances and/or auditions.


Dance Performance Review

Upload performance footage for thorough review and analysis.

Your In-House Video CMS

Acclaim has a robust backend infrastructure that empowers you to record, upload, and organize an unlimited number of videos.
Simply put, you can use Acclaim as your in-house, video content management system.

Industry Standard Security & Compliance

And It All Works With Any Device

Acclaim is built using responsive design, meaning it works and looks the same across all devices – desktop computers, tablets, and phones.

Want To Give It A Try? You’ll Be In Good Company