The #1 Tool For Video Assignments

Easily record, upload, and organize video files for class assignments and activities. Use time-specific comments for assessment, self-evaluations, peer-to-peer review, and more.

It starts with a course

Courses are used to provide access to students and co-administrators such as TAs. If Acclaim is integrated within your LMS, courses are created on the fly and rosters are synced automatically.

Followed by folders

You and your students can create folders within a course. Folders contain videos and access permissions. That means folders can be public to everyone in the course, private for specific individuals, or used to create groups for peer-to-peer reviews.

Folders contain videos

Within folders, you and your students may record, upload, or even embed videos from sources such as YouTube and Vimeo.

And videos can be annotated!

Once your videos are ready, you and students can add general and time-specific comments, which link to moments in the video. This is best used for feedback, critiques, discussions, and much more.

Your Colleagues Use Acclaim For

Performance Assessment


Teacher Evaluation


Class Discussions


Peer to Peer Review


Interactive Assignments

Content Libraries

Professional Development

Academic Research


Presentation Footnotes

With Acclaim, I can generate discussions that extend beyond the classroom. My students are more engaged in the learning process.

Jillian Harris

Assistant Professor, Temple University

Acclaim has changed the way I assess, grade, and teach. It’s easy to use, fun, and offers our program many uses for traditional and online students.

Candace McClain

Director, Colorado Christian University

We use Acclaim because we needed a platform to support our student speeches. Our experience with Acclaim has been excellent.

Jessica McCall

Professor & Director, UNC Greensboro

Previously, we used cameras and DVDs to record and review student performances. Everyone at Acclaim is very friendly and easy to work with!

Zelda Harris

Director, Loyola University Chicago

Acclaim Plays Nice With Everyone

Seamless integration with all LMS providers.

And Across All Devices

Acclaim is built using responsive design, meaning it works and looks the same across all devices – desktop computers, tablets, and phones.

Want To Give It A Try? You’ll Be In Good Company