Simple, Flexible Pricing for Education.

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Enterprise License

Paid by school or department. Customized to your needs.
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  • Customized license size & terms

  • Instructor accounts are 100% free

  • Unlimited uploads and storage

  • Co-administration of accounts for teaching assistants and co-teachers

  • LMS/Custom integrations for single sign on and embedding Acclaim within your existing platforms

  • 24/7 email support

  • Webinar training sessions

  • Dedicated account rep

  • 99.99% uptime guaranteed

  • 5-year file retention

  • Industry best practices for security, access, data storage and disaster recovery

Frequently Asked Questions

How does payment work?

Under the course fee setup, students can pay directly on the sign up page once they receive the course link to gain access. Enterprise licenses require a contract with your department or school. Please contact us for that and someone from our team will get back to you right away with next steps. Pricing for licenses depends on implementation requirements (e.g. department size, etc.).

Can others create folders and add content within courses?

Yes. As an instructor, you can decide whether students can create folders and/or add content within each course. You can also invite co-administrators, meaning colleagues or teacher’s assistants, to each course.

How long do I or others have access to the files within a course?

You have full control of your account, which means deleting courses or any other content deletes it forever. While the course is open and as long as download permissions are turned on within folders, anyone with access to the course can download the content before the course ends. As an instructor, you can archive your courses at any moment, which blocks access to the course without deleting any of the content. While your account is active, course content will never be deleted. If a license is terminated, you will have 90 days to download your course content.

Are there any upload limits?

Each file cannot exceed 5GB. Other than that, no limits.

What kind of files can I upload within folders?

Videos, audio clips, Word, PDF, Excel, and PowerPoint documents. Media files can be annotated with time-stamped comments, other file types can be previewed directly within Acclaim.

With which LMS can Acclaim integrate?

Acclaim can integrate with any LMS, including Canvas, Moodle, and others. If you have a custom system, Acclaim can still be integrated but this most likely will require a custom integration and collaboration with your IT department.

Is my content safe?

Absolutely. Acclaim uses industry best practices for security and encryption. Also, our terms of use and privacy policy explicitly mention that users retain ownership of the content added to the platform.