In this post, we will highlight free web tools that can be used for video creation and editing. For a few great ideas on how to use video in the classroom, see our post: “Five Way to Use Videos in the Class”


As a tech company focused on video use in the classroom, we receive a lot of questions regarding video recording, editing, and uploading. The video production process can be split up into three main categories: Creation (or recording), Editing (or putting finalizing touches) , and Publishing (or uploading to the web for viewing). Below is a list of tools that can be used for each process.


Video Production/Creation

When creating a video, you first need to record footage. Below is a list of apps and tools you can use to help you capture video.

Native Camera Apps
Smartphones and tablets have become fantastic recording devices and each one comes with a built-in camera app that can be used to record high-definition videos.

YouTube Capture App
YouTube released its own recorder app called “Capture”. This app is best used if you ultimately want to publish your video to YouTube as it streamlines the upload process.

Vine allows you to produce short, 6-second videos. This app is great if you are looking to produce creative clips, which can also be combined for a longer, engaging video.

While it is best known for photography and array of filters, Instagram can also be used to record videos.


Video Editing

Once you’re finished recording, you’ll most likely want to slice, shorten, and adjust sections of your video. Below is a list of tools you can use to perform those actions.

YouTube Editor
Once you’ve finished recording a video, you can upload it to YouTube as a private file and start editing it using the YouTube Editor suite.

You can also upload your video to WeVideo to edit it for free. However, as a free user, you will need to include a brief WeVideo “watermark” at the end of the video.


Video Publishing

As the final step of the video production process, you’ll want to submit or upload your video. In short, this is the “publishing” phase so others can easily view your work.

Acclaim (This is our shameless plug!)
We make it easy for you to upload and organize your videos for class. You can then collaborate around them for activities/assignments.

Learning Management Systems
Whether you’re using Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle, or some other LMS, you and your students may be able to upload videos directly into the course content. (We’re saying ‘may’ because most LMSs limit file uploads by type or size)

Much like YouTube, Vimeo allows you to upload videos for free and then share a link to that video with an audience.

The most popular video site on the web, YouTube allows you to upload your content and share it with the world. Both YouTube and Vimeo give you ‘embed’ links to then include the video on a different site such as Acclaim, your LMS, or even a personal website.

About Acclaim
Acclaim is a secure, video platform used in classrooms across the country. Teachers and students can easily record, upload, organize, and collaborate around videos files as part of class activities, discussions, and assignments.