Uploading videos to the web, whether onto your learning management system or course website, can be quite frustrating. You may face upload limits, long upload times, and downright upload failures. It’s important to keep in mind that most upload challenges are tied to two elements: file size and the strength of your internet connection. Let’s dive into each.

Analyze your video files and their sizes
A good rule of thumb is that any file larger than 250MB should be considered a “large file”. If your videos are 250MB or more, then take a look at the following tips.

Cut your “large file” into several files
If you have a 500MB file, by editing and cutting the file into 5 separate files, you will end up with 100MB files, which will be much easier to move around and upload separately. To cut a video file, you may use a handful of programs, most of which are free. For example, you may use iMovie on a Mac or Windows Movie Maker on Windows. You can even use YouTube by uploading your video as a private file, editing and cutting the video there using the Video Manager and finally downloading each cut (and deleting the copies in Video Manager if you don’t feel comfortable having them there!).

Compress your files
You can also use free tools like Handbrake to compress your video files into web friendly formats (like MP4). Compressing the file will not only convert the file type but also reduce the file’s size. Please note that Handbrake is desktop software, which means you’ll need to download and install it.

Check your internet connection
All internet connections are not created equal! If you’re uploading video files onto the web, a home or work connection will typically perform much better than a wi-fi connection at your local coffee shop. Further, you may test the strength of your upload connection by using the following tool (it’s free): SpeedTest

You will see two different numbers through the test, your download speed and your upload speed. What you really care about here is your upload speed since you’re uploading videos onto the web. Anything above 5mbps is good, anything below a 5mbps upload speed is still okay, but you may experience longer upload times.


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