In this post, you will learn about five ways to use video as part of your class activities and assignments.

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With the advent of smartphones and tablets, it is easier than ever to create and consume media, specifically video, as part of class activities and assignments. Furthermore, with the growth of online video, there are more ways than ever to find and use engaging content that is both free and relevant.

By talking to educators and seeing how Acclaim is being used throughout classrooms around the country, we’ve identified and wanted to share five ways video can be used as part of class.


Recording lectures and presentations

Perhaps the most traditional use of video is to record a lecture or in-class presentation of a lesson. The video may then be stored for later viewing on an LMS (Learning Management System), YouTube, a personal site, or other platform. Each recording can then be used to evaluate lectures and improve them over time. Furthermore, students can refer back to important points after the in-person lecture. However, the main disadvantage of lecture recordings is the length of each video. Research has shown that viewer engagement drops off very quickly with longer recordings. This is a key component to keep in mind when recording in-class lectures and/or presentations.


Class discussions using free videos

As outlined in our post “10 Free Sources of Educational Videos”, there is a ton of free web content that can be brought into the classroom for either in-person or out-of-class discussions that are relevant and engaging. Moreover, depending on how the discussions go, it is easy to retain the content or find fresher videos as time goes on.


Record in-class interactions

Using a laptop, smartphone, or tablet, it is now quite easy to record in class activities such as presentations, role-playing, or debates. The recordings of student activities can then be housed on the web and reviewed as part of a self-evaluation or peer to peer review activity. A simple example of this is anytime students are asked to present in front of the class, that presentation can be recorded and reviewed at a later time.


Ask students to create a video

Free editor tools by YouTube (and others) have facilitated amateur video production and creation. In addition to writing a paper on a topic, it can be worthwhile to pursue media assignments by asking students to “hand in” a video as their “paper”. Videos can be filmed using smart devices and then edited using free, online tools, giving way to more fun, engaging, and innovative types of assignment.


Use live streaming

Periscope, YouNow, and Google Hangout are examples of live streaming video applications. These applications allow you to record what is happening, live, and broadcast it over the internet over a simple link. This technique can be used to change class dynamics or come in handy during a snowstorm!

What are some other ways you’ve used video in your class? Please share in the comments section below!
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