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Acclaim Security and Encryption

With the ever growing importance of user privacy on the web, our team of engineers has to take security extremely seriously here at Acclaim. Our team has spent, and continues to dedicate, a considerable amount of time making sure access to Acclaim and our customers’... read more

Acclaim Now Integrates With All LMS Providers

It’s here! Acclaim is a fully LTI compliant tool that integrates across all LMS providers, including Blackboard, Canvas, Brightspace (Desire2Learn), Haiku Learning, Schoology, Moodle, and others. What are the benefits of integrating Acclaim into your LMS? 1) Use... read more

Charlie Hebdo: The Events and Context in 12 Videos

The events surrounding Charlie Hebdo offer opportunities to discuss the implications of free speech and to understand religious prohibitions against images. The murder of 12 journalists at the offices of the French satirical newspaper, Charlie Hedbo, in Paris on... read more

10 Tips for Helping Students to Curate Video Collections

Students have become more active in their own learning, and experts at sourcing their own information. Students all over the country are looking for a classroom experience where their work is more meaningful and more connected to the world they live in. Information... read more

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