This is a guest post by Christina Yu, Marketing Manager at Knewton. This post originally appeared on the Knewton Blog on September 30, 2014.

ChristinaYuLifelong learning, the constant acquisition of knowledge and skills, is seeing explosive interest today.

As the internet becomes more ubiquitous and digital solutions extend learning beyond physical classrooms, the potential for lifelong learning has grown dramatically. In earlier years, brick-and-mortar continuing education classes, books for self-study, and apprenticeship programs represented the range of possibilities for learning beyond formal education. With the proliferation of online schools, learning platforms, and applications in the last decade, however, exponentially more professionals have been able to engage in lifelong learning.

Our infographic provides a brief overview of lifelong learning organizations and initiatives, explores the trends today around educational aspiration, access, and affordability, and describes some of the societal benefits we can expect to see from lifelong learning in the future.


Created by Knewton and Knewton