Teacher Review and Feedback Made Easy

Securely record, upload, organize, and review class sessions in a private web environment.

  • ✓ FERPA compliant
  • ✓ Full control of videos
  • ✓ Mobile friendly
  • ✓ Time-specific feedback
  • ✓ LMS integrations

Trusted by Top Institutions

Securely Record, Upload, Archive.

Acclaim securely stores media content and allows users to privately share with others for review and feedback purposes.


Directly record in Acclaim using a webcam

Record & upload from your phone or tablet

Securely review and annotate videos

Simple And Robust Organization


Create courses & share access

Getting started only takes a few seconds. Create your course, share the course link with students, and you’re done. No roster management needed.


Create folders & set permissions

You and your students can create folders within a course to stay organized. Set permissions on who can upload, download, and annotate media within folders.

Record & Upload Media

You and your students can upload/record video, audio, and other files within folders. You can also add files from YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox, Drive, Box.

Acclaim Integrates With All LMS Providers

Acclaim will open within your LMS and automatically mirror your course names and rosters.
Best of all, you won’t need a separate Acclaim account. Log into your LMS & have access to it all.

Stories From The Classroom

With Acclaim, I can generate discussions that extend beyond the classroom. My students are more engaged in the learning process.

Jillian Harris

Assistant Professor, Temple University

Acclaim has changed the way I assess, grade, and teach. It’s easy to use, fun, and offers our program many uses for traditional and online students.

Candace McClain

Director, Colorado Christian University

We use Acclaim because we needed a platform to support our student speeches. Our experience with Acclaim has been excellent.

Jessica McCall

Professor & Director, UNC Greensboro

Previously, we used cameras and DVDs to record and review student performances. Everyone at Acclaim is very friendly and easy to work with!

Zelda Harris

Director, Loyola University Chicago